Have a share in the evolution of the science industry, sell with us.


At Kyberlife, we hold the first open marketplace in Asia with an easy-to-use platform that hosts healthcare vendors, life-science companies & manufacturers globally. 

We also have a distribution arm that facilitates licensed distribution of life-science/ pharmaceutical/ medical products, instruments, equipment to the SEA region.

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Easy & direct user interaction
Analytics & customer behaviour
Platform & product/service management

At Kyberlife, we are all about efficiency and seamlessness. 

We understand there are many aspects to running a business and some of which we think would benefit you. We are trying our best to always improve and optimise your workflows, here's a sneak peak into your personal seller center.

Add your team

Kyberlife allows for you to be able to add your team mates in to share the workload. This enables your whole team to work cohesive under one platform.

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List unlimited products and services

Our platform supports the listings of unlimited products and any services* you may have to offer. All you have to do is spend a few minutes getting started. 

*Dependant on the subscription plan we offer.

Manage everything under one dashboard

We want you to be able to work effortlessly. Our seller dashboard was built for you with you in mind. It allows you to manage all orders, enquiries, promotions, team members and even your logistics efficiently, optimising your needs.

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Sell, locally and globally

As a global marketplace, leverage and expand your target audience with us. At the same time, you will be able to keep track of all your sales seamlessly with our analytics system in place.

Why sell with Kyberlife?


Get local representation within any region without the need to set up a sales force or infrastructure.

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You are in full control. Determine the products, price, even the type of marketing campaigns you'd like to hold.


Take advantage of Kyberlife to gain new connections, build new relationships and tap into our global network.

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Benefit from full transparency and our live analytics to track your sales performance and other business related data.

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Grow and expand your business with us through classical distribution management without the need for a middle man.

How to start selling on Kyberlife

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1. Registration & Approval

Register as a seller on Kyberlife via our seller center with the necessary information and business details. Our admin will approve your account once verified.

2. Upload your products

Key in the details of the products you'd like to list on Kyberlife, including your logistic details and shipping options. You may upload a single product or multiple products at once.

3. Publish your listing

Once you're done, give your listing a quick check and publish your listing onto the Kyberlife marketplace. This enables customers to be able to browse and buy your products/service.

4. Manage your orders

Track your sales and manage both marketplace and bulk orders on your personal seller dashboard. You'll also be able to view and download your other business related data such as sales volume, popular products, etc.

5. Shipping & Logistics

Liaise with your customers directly through our messaging system. Manage your warehouse and shipping options directly on your dashboard. Update your order status in real time for your customers.

Grow your business with us, free subscription for 1 year.


To encourage and support sellers like you, Kyberlife would like to gift the first 1000 sellers a 1 year free subscription on the platform to expand your footprint and reach out to more researchers across the globe.


Drop us an email and we will be able to schedule a meeting to get this set up for you!